Our Staff

Our Staff

Principal Sandra Jacobs [email protected]
Senior Manager / SENCO / Head of Senior Trish Ragg [email protected]
Senior Manager / GATE / Head of Intermediate Laetitia Breytenbach [email protected]
Senior Manager / Head of Junior Anthea Stein [email protected]
Senior Manager / Head of Middle Carin Erasmus [email protected]
Junior Syndicate: Year 0-2
Room 4 (Year 0/1) Dominique Judeel [email protected]
Room 8 (Year 0/1) Karen Honnis [email protected]
Room 1 (Year 0) Nicole Bennett [email protected]
Room 6 (Year 1) Jasmine Choi [email protected]
Room 7 (Year 2) Nuri Lee [email protected]
Room 9 (Year 2) Jessica Barton [email protected]
Room 10 (Year 2) Anthea Stein [email protected]
Remedial Sandra Fernandes [email protected]
Middle Syndicate: Year 3-4
Room 22 (Year 3) Salosheni Pandaram [email protected]
Room 23 (Year 3) Holly Brown [email protected]
Room 15 (Year 4) John Yim [email protected]
Room 14 (Year 4) Carin Erasmus [email protected]
Senior Syndicate: Year 5-6    
Room 12 (Year 5/6) Gail Goodwin [email protected]
Room 16 (Year 5/6) Caitlin Jung [email protected]
Room 17 (Year 5/6) Trish Ragg & Rochelle Peachey [email protected] / [email protected]
Intermediate Syndicate: Year 7-8    
Room 13 (Year 7) Jadene Govender [email protected]
Room 11 (Year 8) Laetitia Breytenbach & Emily Hartwig [email protected] / [email protected]
Support Staff    
Office Manager Nichole Gillanders [email protected]
Office Administrator (Tue-Fri) Sue-Ellen Smith [email protected]
ESOL Leah John, Mel Burtenshaw, Kathy Nel, Carin Smeeton [email protected]
Library Angela Palmer & Hanna Jose [email protected]
Caretaker/Groundsman Keith Walsh N/A
Music Tutor Iona McDonald [email protected]
Teacher Aide Kathy Nel [email protected]
Teacher Aide Renay Marsch N/A
Teacher Aide Helen Anderson N/A
Teacher Aide Hermien Kruger N/A
Teacher Aide Carin Smeeton N/A
Teacher Aide Linda Merton N/A
Sports Coordinator David Gillanders [email protected]