Our School

Our School

pic_arielviewWestminster Christian School was founded to provide education for children of Christian families, using a Christ-centred curriculum. We are an inter-denominational, state-integrated, co-educational Christian school for pupils from New Entrant to Year 8. Class sizes vary according to levels but do not usually exceed 25 students.

Westminster management and staff aim to create a unique and enriching environment for all children, enabling them to reach their potential and preparing them to use their God given talents in a responsible way.

Our Mission Statement
Westminster Christian School, through the Spirit of God, educates the children of Christian parents for time and eternity by providing a Christ-centred academic curriculum founded on a Biblical World View.

Our Vision
To, by the grace of God, be an innovative and Christ-centered primary and intermediate school, providing our children, through the New Zealand curriculum, with the skills that will enable them to function and develop as active Christians for time and eternity. For students to become capable life long learners, who nurture their God given abilities and talents in a responsible and respectful way in service to the school and wider community.

Special Features
The principle features of Westminster’s Special Character and mission are:

  • To assist families in helping their children learn about the world, and their places and tasks in it, as God’s responsible stewards and image bearers.
  • To challenge pupils to celebrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all and every aspect of Creation.
  • To encourage in the pupils integrity of purpose, resulting from a growing wonder of knowing God as Creator and Redeemer.
  • To develop within the pupils an exciting sense of their destiny, citizenship and purpose in God’s kingdom.

ERO Report
See our most recent ERO report here >>

Annual Report
See our 2023 Audited Financial Statements here

Strategic & Annual Plan
See our 2024 Annual Goals here
See our Strategic Plan 2024-2025 here

Our Property
Our school is set on a sunny, 2 ½ hectare site in Albany, on Auckland’s North Shore. Our clean environment and well-established trees provide a peaceful backdrop to modern buildings, classrooms and playgrounds.

Our Location
The school can be reached from West Auckland via Upper Harbour Highway (SH18) and Albany Highway. From the East Coast Bays, North Shore and central/south Auckland suburbs, take the Constellation Drive motorway exit then onto Unsworth Drive. See location map here >>.