• Class Trips

    Visits to places of interest add an extra dimension to our learning

  • Computer Lab

    Students benefit from incorporating technology everyday

  • Learning

    We encourage our students to excel in their abilities

  • Our Grounds

    Students enjoy plenty of space to play & explore

  • Explore

    Students are encouraged to explore the world around them

Westminster Christian School

We are an inter-denominational, state-integrated, co-educational Christian school for New Entrant to Year 8, located on Auckland's North Shore. More...

Welcome, Kia ora, Hallo, Hwan-yeong hap ni da, Ni hao!

Our aim at Westminster Christian School is to create a unique and enriching environment for all children, enabling them to reach their potential and preparing them to use their God given talents in a responsible way. Through the Spirit of God, we educate the children of Christian parents for time and eternity by providing a Christ-centred academic curriculum founded on a Biblical World View.

Our school is set on a sunny, 2 ½ hectare site in Albany, on Auckland’s North Shore. Our clean environment and well-established trees provide a peaceful backdrop to modern buildings, classrooms and playgrounds.

Why Westminster Christian School?

  • Nurturing environment with strong community feel
  • Christ-centred curriculum
  • Excellent academic results
  • Small classes
  • Contemporary & diverse
  • Biblical values
  • Easily accessible from North Shore & West Auckland


  • “Westminster School helps me learn about Jesus and how to honour Him with my life. I like learning about the stories in the Old Testament and how God never gave up on His chosen people.”

    Jane Simpson, student
  • “The teachers at Westminster really care about us. They teach us lots of interesting things about science, technology and computers, which are my favourite things.”

    Abigail Barreto, student
  • “My school has lots of outdoor space to run around and an adventure playground that is great fun to climb on. I like having small classes too because then we get more time with our teachers.”

    Steven Jung, student