Mathematics helps students learn to develop thinking skills, create models and predict outcomes. Justify and verify, and seek solutions to problems.

Mathseeds uses fun, rewarding and interactive lessons to teach core maths and problem solving skills. Kids aged 3-9.

Mathletics helps students find a purpose and reward. It provides students a chance to put their maths skills to use using activities and challenges. All ages.

Mentalup is full of brain teasers to help students think creatively. All ages.

nzmaths. provides weekly plans designed for home learning. Years 1-10.

Coolmath4kids offers fun maths games, brain teasers, quizzes, lessons and more. Age 1-12 years.

e-ako is learning maths at levels 1-5 in an engaging adventure for students.

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, videos and a learning dashboard to help learners study at their own pace. Years 1-9.

NRICH develop problem solving, offers engaging activities and mathematical thinking for all ages.

BestMaths Online covers a full range of mathematics topics for courses. Years 8 − 13 in NZ. Suitable for students aged 10 − 18.